Cassandra Jamison - Author


Not Her Baby


**2017 Raven Award Nominee**

When eighteen-year-old Aubrey Dale’s cousin is diagnosed with leukemia, Aubrey volunteers to in-vitro fertilization in order to become a vessel for the donor that will save her life. Now this clean-cut high school student must learn to adapt to life as a pregnant teenager, despite still being a virgin.

Things only get more complicated when she falls in love with her best friend, Eli Calhoun, who has just returned from the penitentiary. Rumors soon spread that the insemination story is only a cover up. That’s when the anonymous threats begin. Someone in her small town disapproves of this so-called abomination.

The psychological games soon take a twisted turn, putting Aubrey and her unborn child’s lives in danger. Aubrey and Eli race to uncover the horrible truth before it destroys everything.



** November 2017 TOP READS of Uncaged Book Reviews **

**2018 Raven Award Runner-up**

Snooping on your boyfriend’s phone is never a good idea. Collins can’t help herself after he unexpectedly commits suicide, but what she finds makes her grateful he’s dead.

Collins Carpenter has always been the textbook good girl until her freshman year of college when an unplanned pregnancy with her best friend, Everett, complicates everything. In a desperate attempt to deny her feelings for her child’s father and her jealousy toward his new girlfriend, Collins jumps into a relationship with Brock Webber. Nobody suspects that his good looks and charm masks something quite sinister until after his death, when the things he had been involved in finally come to light.

Disturbing and inexplicable events leave Collins wondering if Brock’s spirit is not at rest or if somebody from his past is after her. Somebody who may be closer than she thinks. 



Miley has only one year left in the foster system and is sent to finish it in the home of an older couple, Anne and Clive Winchester, who are still coping with the death of their sixteen-year-old daughter. 

Miley is soon drawn into deadly mind games and deception that make it clear that they have their sights set on more than just replacing their deceased daughter. 

Hidden secrets within the home and chilling revelations about their past bring Miley’s worst nightmare to life.



Seventeen-year-old Emma Misseldon’s life is turned upside-down when she makes the mistake of trusting the most dangerous man in the empire. It’s no secret that the king is a womanizer and a tyrant, but she never expected the price of his help for her dying mother to be her.

To knight-in-training Caedmon Cruz, Emma is nothing more than a decoration for the king’s arm. Then he gets to know her, and God help him, it’s wrong and maybe even blasphemous, but he can’t resist her. A forced marital commitment between Emma and the king, however, makes their relationship lethal.

When they receive word of the king’s newest decree, both chilling in its brutality and shocking in its corruption, they know that they must stand against him even if it costs them their lives. In this place of ultimate revenge, Emma is about to discover the appalling, phenomenal truth about her past, a truth that could destroy everything she’s ever loved… including Caedmon. 

Trigger Warning: This book contains elements of domestic and sexual abuse and infidelity. 

under the stairs


**Earned the coveted Crowned Heart of Excellence by InD’tale Magazine **



Emery Klatten just lost her husband, a well-known author, to an unsolved and grisly murder. With her three-year-old son still unable to process the loss of his dad, she looks to her close friend, Grant, to help them feel safe in the house where the crime took place. 

Just when things seem to be getting back to normal, she receives an anonymous email containing the last manuscript that her husband had been working on. It was one she’d never yet seen though she’d been searching for it since his death. 

As she reads through the book, Emery finds that the events and characters are too familiar to her own life. With the true author still unknown, there’s no question that the manuscript holds more than just the explanation for her husband’s death but may also be a warning that her and her son’s lives are in danger as well. 




Is it possible to fall in love with somebody who no longer exists? 

Tess Corbin, a modern-day American heiress, stumbles into the year 1900 where she meets the infamous Heywood Paxton. She never expected to fall in love, but soon finds herself torn between the obligation to her fiancé back home and a taboo romance with this dairy farmer from another century.

After discovering her way back to the future, Tess realizes that she has changed the past and Heywood’s life has been brutally cut short by a new serial killer – a killer who did not exist until her time travels. Now Tess must find her way back to Heywood and hunt down this century old murderer to stop the killings before they begin. 

The only question is how long can Tess remain in a time that is not hers, and will it be enough to change history again?